Body Shop – Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our F.A.Q. page. If you have questions that aren’t covered here, feel free to call us at 248-654-8945.

What if I am not sure if I should file a claim with my insurance company or pay out of pocket instead?

We help customers all of the time in this situation. We can assist you throughout the entire process and will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Can you work on my vehicle even though I didn’t buy it from you?

Yes!  We are happy to work on your vehicle even if you didn’t buy it from our dealership. We will take great care of your vehicle and treat it as a top priority.

My insurance company suggested I go to a different body shop, can you still work on my vehicle?

YES!  We work with all major insurance companies and you have the right to choose which repair facility to use. We are committed to repairing your vehicle with the best quality technicians and will work with your insurance company on a daily basis.

Do you use OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?

We try to always use OEM parts when we can. Your insurance company may only pay for after market parts but we try to reduce the price of an OEM part so we can use them instead. We regularly discuss these options with your insurance company so we can repair your vehicle safely.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

Our goal is to make your experience seamless and return your vehicle back to you looking the way it was before the collision. The exact time it takes to repair your vehicle will be discussed with you during the estimate. Parts availability, and responsiveness of your insurance company can play a role in how long it will take. We are committed to fixing your vehicle safely and as quickly as possible.

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